Terrie Koles Design


Why I Do What I Do

We all have a memory of an encounter – be it with a person, an idea, a place, or even a thing –that moved us, affected us, changed us in some way. That happened to me when I was very young.

My maternal grandmother had taken me to her tiny village in Italy to meet some of my relatives. There in the center of the small square was a store filled with items that people from the surrounding area had made. Fabrics, furniture, ceramics, scarves, blankets, even pieces of jewelry, all arranged by the shopkeeper as if you were in someone’s home and not a place of business. Being in that space, with all that beauty, created a feeling inside of me, an almost inexplicable happiness.

It is that same feeling that I want my client to have when I am designing their space, showing them a work of art, or a wonderfully created object. I don’t just enjoy the process of designing, and sharing my knowledge with them, I love it.

Wishing that everyone finds their happiness in 2018.


terrie koles